Fein with OIS or Fein with Starlock?

I am looking to buy a new corded multitool. I am most probably going to buy a Fein. My question is: Should I buy a Fein with OIS now or should I wait for a Starlock- featured Fein? Can I use OIS blades in a Starlock tool, or do Starlock tools require Starlock blades?

Yes, you can use OIS blades in a Starlock tool.

They have a chart here: https://fein.com/en_us/specials/starlock/

According to the chart, previous MultiMasters will have the same Starlock compatibility as the newer like-sized tools. The older/current FMM 250 Q and FMM 350 Q, and upcoming FMM 350 QSL, should all have similar compatibility.