Festool MW1000 w/ MW1000 Table

Earlier this summer I was asked to help a friend with several projects. This is a common occurrence - and so I went the though the routine of grabbing all my Makita makpac and tool bags to loading them up into the truck. After arriving I had to reverse the process, unloading the truck - carrying all the bags and cases into the house. Without prolonging this any further- then repeat the process at the end of the project.

I called it a process - but a production is a better adjective- that I’ve repeated more times than I can count. I love problem solving and decided to find a better way.

I started by permanently housing my hand tools in makpac’s versus in the Husky tool chest I have been using for as long as I can remember. I progressed to getting my power tools into rolling tool boxes and bags. I have enjoyed using the Dewalt (DWST28100) for CXT lineup and Makita 831269-3 for larger LXT tools.

This presented a new challenge though, carrying a number of Systainers around as they do not stack on the rolling bags and Dewalt box. Enter the Festool MW1000.

Before I proceed, indulge me while I state that I purchased the Festool MW1000 with my own money and have not been offered any compensation for my opinions. Let me also say, without question, there are a myriad of cheaper ways I could’ve accomplished the portability I sought.

Yes, I know. $725 for a set of wheels with one sliding shelf and an extension table. The cost is not for the faint of heart. And I added $150 in additional accessories for 2 additional sliding drawers (Festools description) but they are really shelves. So what does $875 before tax offer?

For me it’s a mobile workshop with massive organization and that introduces significant efficiency. In the time I have owned the MW1000- I have done 3 other weekend long excursions to work on projects and gone is the dreaded thought of forgetting a hand tool, aggravation of packing the truck like a Jenga puzzle of bags and boxes that don’t interlock. Gone is 5-8 trips to the truck to offload tool boxes, work table and so on. Gone is trips to the truck on days when I thought ‘I could just work from the truck” versus offloading everything. What I have instead is a mobile tool chest that houses 4 Systainers below the work surface and transports 3 more when in transit. I have a built in work surface that supports a host of bench accessories and provides a myriad of options for clamping and support for cutting and assembly tasks. All of this at a very comfortable height for someone who is 6’5” tall.

I’ll highlight some features that I love- but these are not the only beneficial aspects of the MW1000.

The wheels are appropriately sized for the rated load capacity of 220lbs. The ability to transport items (bags or makpacs) above the work surface means I can get all my hand tools from the truck to the job site in one trip.

By permanently holding 4 sustainers below the work surface, I never have to unstack sustainers to access them. This also means that all my tools are centralized in one vertical stack versus laid across the floor because they are top opening. I can also easily enough grab a tool from the appropriate box, use it and put it away- keeping my work surface clear of tools. The additional benefit is I spend less time cleaning up tools at the end of the day and am less likely to leave something behind.

Fewer Tools:
As the MW1000 has a built in work surface and extension table, I find I don’t have to transport my Kreg mobile station or Bora Centipede (which I previously discussed before on the forum) as often. When I do take another work surface I opt for the Centipede for size, portability and table height over the Kreg.

The extension table is simple enough to set up and requires no assembly. Unfold the legs and lock them in. As it has a dedicated home - transportation is an afterthought. The table is always there is you need it.

Yes assembly is required. The unit itself e requires 6 casters to connect it all together. The drawer/shelf and additional 9. It isn’t difficult or time consuming - but a reminder that even at $725 for the base unit- ‘some assembly is required” :joy:

Aluminum Extrusions:
The extrusions are great for their strength- but also because they enable a bunch of clamping options and there is a sizable third party aftermarket set of part’s available. You can also easily add your own accessories with bolts that mount into the extrusion channel.

Not everything is perfect about the MW1000. As I said, the cost is prohibitive for many.

Also forget about going through 30” or 32” doorways. The cart is too wide and when loaded too heavy to maneuver sideways through the door.

And the weight. the cart alone weighs almost 70lbs as listed). It ships in two boxes and the first time I picked them up I thought I might’ve made a mistake. M

Additionally- the single pull out shelf is a disappointment at this price- as I stated I added two more shelves which allows me to not have to unstack sustainers and offers a permanent home for 4 of them.

Specs (from Festool):

  • Overall Dimensions: 25-1/4" L x 23-5/8" W x 46-21/32" H, Total Load Capacity: 220 lbs., Wheel Diameter: 7-7/8"
  • Table Dimensions (base unit): 17-17/32" x 14-9/32", Extension Table Overall Dimensions: 19-11/16" W x 40-5/16" L, Extension Table Work Surface: 17-13/32"W x 38-1/32" L, Work Height: 34-7/16", Weight: 68.34 lbs.

So is this solution for everyone, certainly not. Many are not going entertain the MW1000 or Festool in general due to the costs. But as with all Festool tools- the engineering and research and development are second to none. They have created a unique product that solves a problem many of us face, albeit an over engineered solution, that offers solutions to problems you may not even know you have. For me they’ve allowed me to simplify the transportation and storage of my tools while providing a built in onsite work surface.

My last comment- for those who may not need the extension table- the base MW1000 model can be had for $525. Keep in mind you’ll only get one drawer/shelf. I recommend at least adding the Festool SYS AZ drawer (which will mount on the very bottom of the unit) for $50 if not an additional mobile workshop drawer for $100.