Festool Roadshow

Just got to go to the Festool Roadshow at a local tool store. I got to play with all of their tools, and they gave out free t-shirts and 4.2ah batteries to everyone who came. Was pretty cool. Everything was top of the line, as to be expected. It is crazy how much their R&D has thought. They build in features that are most often accomplished with jigs or work arounds for so many of their tools.

Obviously the price tag reflects this. I wish I had taken pictures or even video.

I posted about the Festool Roadshow schedule under the Unadvertised Sale Thread.
I’ve never been to one - even though I did attend a JLC Live Event - and sent others to trade shows from time to time.
Felder Group and Baileigh would sometimes invite us to events which had some learning opportunities beyond sales pitches.

I may have to see if the Festool schedule and mine fit together - might get some tips to better utilize my track saw and domino machine.

I had thought it too bad that Mafell - who runs road shows in Europe had not thought to bring one to the US


and visiting one in Germany when I’m on vacation with my wife would probably either put me in divorce court or at the very least have her further question my sanity. Anyway - I don’t see that they plan any events coinciding with our stops along the Rhine this year.

BTW - its not a long ride for me to Providence and if the same is true for you - maybe a trip to JLC Live would be interesting for next year’s show:


I also see that Festool Connect will no longer be at JLC Live - but you can either visit them in Indiana - or catch some of the live streaming they do: