Finding replacement parts for a C clamp

Does any one know where I can purchase (online or near South Bend, Indiana) a replacement swivel pad for a Hart 8" C-clamp. I see some pads online but they don’t specify if they’ll fit my clamp and one place I called could not even tell me…

never repaired a C clamp before. Usually just buy a new one - and often when I damage one which has happened once it bent/damaged the threaded rod.

uhm maybe see if the replacement pad as some dimensions they could give you to compare to your clamp? also how does the swivel come off? broken weld, brazed on, press fit etc.

I’ve never repaired one either.

I suppose you could make a new pad by taking a short piece of steel bar stock, grind a half-circle notch on opposite ends, and bend the two ends up to close around the end of the threaded shaft.