First trip to a rockler store

and had a blast. Like walking into best buy. Nerded it up down every aisle. Lots of floor model tools on sale but only like $50 off so not that big of a deal. It was still fun going through all that.

Not as cramped as my local woodcraft (they both deny the existence of each other and claim to have never been to the other store). And tons of Rockler specific stuff there, but each has their charms. And rockler doesn’t carry festool, but has a lot more Laguna products and their cyclone DC’s. As well as jet and powermatic jointers.

I think woodcraft had a better lumber selection, but both felt pricey to me.

What do you guys think of Rockler? Any other stores as fun to visit? I’m in central florida/orlando area.

Not so much in my neck of the woods - but I too have visited Woodcraft Stores on my various roadtrips…

Some others that I’ve visited:

Woodworkers Supply (I used to visit their NC - now closed - store - they still have 2 others:

Grizzly (I’ve visited their PA store - but think they closed it)

International Tool - in Davie Florida

AW Meyer in NJ

Grizzly showroom is on my bucket list. Huge facility. Love the catalog.

International tool looks cool. Their site has a whole 220V section of bosch stuff!

Wow that caught my eye.

My local Rockler recently (~year) put in a big glassed in classroom, I’ve only taken one class in there, but it was real nice. I find their hardware selection is quite good as well, but the handtools were few, and not of a high caliber. Conversely, the local Woodcraft has a better selection of handtools, though neither carry Lie-Nielsen or Lee Valley.

I’ve had some luck with the scraps-by-weight wood bin for fun new species. I wouldn’t buy much lumber from either company though.

So I went to Woodcraft, and Rockler this past weekend, and went to “Amazon Exotic Hardwoods” in Orlando area yesterday. Prices were comparable between all three, I’d say nearly the same with Rockler and Woodcraft. Amazon Exotic only deals in lumber and in large quantities (they ship nationwide too), and there was a large selection to choose from.

That being said, if I was looking for a certain species of wood and saw a beautiful piece at woodcraft I wouldn’t hesitate to get it since it’s hit or miss at all 3 places depending on inventory.

Bought four 9’ boards of Sapele eight-quarters yesterday to start making a bed frame. Wasn’t cheap but it’s not going to look cheap either afterward like pine.

Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to visit any of these stores in the US. I am often here on business in either Greenville, SC or Charlotte, NC but I don’t believe either has the fun stores. However I do have easy access to a Lee Valley store back home in Canada and that is a real woodworking candy store!