Flambeau Waterproof Satchels...Check It Out

Gents, we are always looking at storage and organisation options and I recently stumbled upon an interesting option at Flambeau Outdoors. They are called waterproof satchels and look really great. Here’s a link. https://www.flambeauoutdoors.com/Fishing/Hard-Storage/Waterproof-Satchels

What’s neat is the clear lid and two tier storage. Three in some models. I think this could be a great case for something like rotary tools and their accompanying zillion bits and pieces. Looks like the organisers fold out and the lid keeps the contents in place. The bottom area would be great for the tools themselves. It could even do double duty with both a rotary and oscillating tool since these are fairly large.

Two sizes are available with two models in each Pricey though. On the order of large LBoxxes. What say ye?

Kinda looks like Planno and Lboxx made a sweet baby… I like!

That’s what I thought too. Some nice possibilities there.