Flex tools battery compatibility

Hi does anyone know if Flex tools are compatible with other battery brands please? TIA

Their Ni-Cds were identical mounting as some or the other trademark. Nrw ones ore their own proprietary, tiny bit different mounting to all other manufacturers unfortunately

Flex is made by Chevon tools like EGO and Kobalt and Skil and others so if there was compatibility it would be with them perhaps. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Skil parts were the same.

Flex sold at Lowes I think is the same 24V kit as the Kobalt but I have no idea if they are compatible. would be worth a few minutes of google search.

Also not sure EU branded Flex tools are the same as the US branded flex tools but I could be wrong.

Thanks, I’ll look into Chevon. I was hoping someone knew for sure so I could just buy the appropriate battery adapter!

surprised google doesn’t bring up an option - if there was one made.

I suspect it’s fairly odd.