Flexhead ratchets


Looking to buy a flex head ratchet. I have a SK SP90 in 3/8 that is my primary and it’s fantastic.

I’m wanting a flex head for other random needs and I’d like it to be smooth running but it doesn’t have to be pro level since I diy. Now I looked at and don’t immediately like the current SK flex head.

But I liked the Matco 88 model - which is a locking flexhead. I like the lock idea. It seems Armstrong made one at one time - but gearwrench doesn’t now.

So There is the Husky model at HD that looks like what the matco does - and the price is right. Does anyone have one - how do you like it vs others. How does the lock up flex head workout. feels reasonable in the store.

My other favorite doesn’t lock up but does have a full pawl engagement on the flex head. Tekton SRH31108

thoughts are appreciated.


would have figured this would have made some comments.

SO right now I plan on buying the tekton piece. Going to get 2 of them, 3/8th flex head and 1/4 drive swivel.

I’ve used a few swivels in the past and never really liked them - but I don’t recall exactly why I didn’t like them.

I figure if I just don’t like it - I can move to the husky next and sell the tektons on fleabay for part of my money back


I’ve got a Craftsman from a dozen years ago or so. It’s almost as long as a breaker bar and is pretty great. It took a shorter wrench to pop off a Hilti anchor - and the resulting tearing up of my thumb - to realize how much better a longer wrench would be. I won’t make that mistake again…


I tried to look up SK SP90 and couldn’t find it, but I found the Tekton one.

Are you looking only for the type of ratchet that flexes at the bottom of the head, or would you include swivel/pivoting head ratchets like the Wera Zyclop:

I know Stuart has issues accidentally losing sockets with the Zyclop, but I think it’s user error :>) I really like my 1/4" set and wouldn’t hesitate to get a 3/8" or 1/2" if I needed it, but I need more ratchets like I need…fill in the blank.


I don’t personally own ANY flex head ratchets because the ones I’ve used, I always felt like I was going to accidentally break them.

On the other hand, I’ve been generally very impressed with the Tekton wrenches and ratchets and their service in general. I’m not so impressed with their pliers though.

I really wish Tekton had a telescoping handle ratchet. I actually contacted them a while back suggesting a few tool ideas and I’m curious to see if they engineer and produce them.


I had a decent flex head at one time - but since I don’t do hangar work anymore I don’t bother.

But there have been a few times it would have come in handy so not I’m on the hunt for a set of features. I notced some auto mechanics the other day all using a flex head something - I think most were a snap on device.

One looked like a MAC tool - I say that because his other stuff was MAC

But what I noticed was - they all used one as their primary ratchet. No my LP90 is my primary (I got the letters wrong) but honestly I don’t need it. I do like the SK quality however.

But there are a few jobs I’m about to do where I think a flex head will come in handy - hence the search. I do really think I’ll buy and try the tekton device.

Roto - ratchets like the zyklop I’ve never felt comfortable with under higher torque loads. they don’t seen as stable. I do get the appeal - I think I’ll buy one of those in 1/4 drive.