Flexvolt circular Saw gen 2 combo

As I was in depot grabbing the 20v roofing gun kit +10% discount, I did a double take and thought I saw an unbelievable deal, even better than the upgraded flexvolt saw kitted w/ 9ah battery I recently purchased.
I was able to exchange it out + 10% discount ! This kit includes a Free Brushless Compact Hammer Drill and xr 2ah 20v battery, bigger 16" tool bag and charger
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That’s almost like stealing! That’s a great saw, worth about $170 bare. I have that same drill, and just love it. I use the same 2ah, battery and it lasts a long time. The 9ah battery is brutally expensive, and the charger not cheap. So that’s a screaming deal you got on some very good tools. I have the gen 1 7-1/4 saw, and use it with a smaller 5ah battery. It cuts anything I have tried yet, and my little 5ah has never fallen short. Hard to imagine the gen 2 is a good bit better than mine. Congrats on a great deal and the great tools.

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I’ve been hoping for a good fire sale on the gen 1 model since I need a new circ saw it seems. I don’t know I need the power of the gen 2 model but hey why not.

The deal goes off tomorrow. I got it…love it.

Not Dewalt - but Makita has some “Father’s” day promotions on saws - like this one where you get $100 off the normal price of the kit - plus you get an extra (4 total) 5Ah batteries:


Yeah, I spotted this at depot also, great deal! Thought about grabbing it , I prefer rear handle worm drive style saws but I’m lefty, so I did have to get a feel for cutting right handed due to the blade on left side of saws with worm drives, otherwise I’m blind cutting but more control on kickbacks. The weight of most hypoid worm drives kinda seem to keep a straight cut better than circ saws in my opinion, a good blade helps. I did rock both worm and flexcirc when cutting stair stringers sometimes. Anyway, I worked with a guy who had the makita x2 circular saw with 5ah’s and it had great runtime.