Floor protector for metal frame?

You know open frame devices like generators or air compressors often have… where there’s metal frame around the unit. And very often there’s some sort of rubber protector/feet on the bottom of the frame to protect floors and dampen vibration and such.

Do they make those protectors separately? Or, if not, any suggestions on what works well? Just cut a rubber tube or something and slip it over? I found a spiral “hose protector” which might work to wrap around.


If you’re looking for the kind that bolt on like a “foot” then yes, those are made and sold separately. I’ve bought many of them from mcmaster.com over the years. Plug “leveling mount” into the search box there.
If you’re looking for the type which slips onto a piece of pipe then I have not seen those for sale individually; I’d just cut a piece of rubber tube like you suggested.

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A piece of tubing wrapped around the frame would protect the floor, but it might not keep the machine from walking around. Besides protecting the floor, those rubber feet also flex and absorb motion, so the machine just vibrates in place.

Thanks. I’ve been looking around at HD and such. I found a silicon “cord coil” at the container store. It’s intended to wrap around cords and keep them together, but it seems to work well for this application. Just wrapping them around the metal frames.

Almost any rubber can be cut and glued. Why buy some specialty thing you can make yourself. But I’m cheap.