Folding sawhorse/work site table systems

I’ve searched a few times and I bet my google fu is bad. BUT - I am leaning heavily on buying something akin to either a toughbuilt C600/650 setup or the Kobalt version - or the Husky Portable table. Now Stuart had a write up on the Huksy device and I eyed them when they came out. But all the ones I picked up in the store had either visible bends or other issues with them. Today they are 80 dollars.

Toughbuilt and a few other branded devices make a metal folding saw horse setup. That is height adjustable (key feature for me) and they made to hold 2x4’s level with the top - such as to make them into a table of significant side. I could easily see making it out 5ft by 3.X deep. Granted with wood and some ply that I don’t have lying around but easily get.

Reason I’m post this. Do any of you guys have one of these and what are your thoughts on it? It looks good on paper and I’ve fiddled with them in the store - seems sort of similar to the dewalt folding device with a bit more capability but not as light/portable. I like the folding aspect as space is a premium for me. and the weight capacity I could see using it as a make support for painting tasks and other things.

Thank you

Those Toughbuilt horses are great, used em quite a bit last year, they weren’t mine but I enjoyed using them. I have a couple sets of the Menards brand, Masterforce, clones that lack the hight adjustments but that’s fine for my 5’10" self. I’m sure the Kobalt ones are just as good.

All those references about Menards and their good clones and other tools - leaves me a bit frustrated that they have no presence in either NY, CT or FL - nor anywhere in-between where tend to hang my hats

Menards is… Ok?.. They have a massive presence in the Midwest. The stores are 1.5x or more larger than a typical Lowe’s or HD and materials tend to cost about 10% less and often get some neat one time specials of completely randomness. Some downsides, alot of their house brands are just garbage (Tool Shop branded stuff makes Harbor Freight feel high-end), they have groceries ( imagine waiting in line with a bunch of lumber only to be held up by the little lady in front of you writing a check for her laundry detergent and cat food!!!), Staff is less than knowledgeable this includes the pro desk, special orders are a nightmare (missing​ SKUs, hardware etc, recent kitchen cabnet order has required no less than 15 trips to get all the parts and reoders, not exaggerating) I could go on and on… An other thing this is good or bad depending to the weather, they actually have a real lumber yard! The city I live in is small ish, population about 60k, we have no Home Depot(nearest one is 30 miles away in a town of 15k), so we use Menards the most but have Lowe’s, ABC Supply, US Lumber, and a handfull of hardware stores like ACE and Do It. I imagine not having been to a Menard’s that it would be neat to go-to one but the novelty would ware off quickly. Oh and another thing that irritates me is it seems like EVERYTHING has a rebate… heck they have 2 week long sales dedicated to an 11% rebate on everything. Ok my 2 cents just turned into $12.99…

Thanks - looking on the internet it seems there are a few versions of the same thing. It would be interesting to know who the actual maker/create was. IE some people have this model or that - but it seems toughbuilt has some 7 models and everyone else’s clone is one of those 7 in function. IE the Lowe’s Kobalt model is the C650. Which happens to be the one I want so I guess that’s what I’ll get. 35 per is way better than 49, or even 85 for pair.

The Kobalt seems to bear a UPC: 099198850245 while the Toughbuilt C650’s UPC is listed as 858670005128 ( a UPC associated with Phalanx Inc. – the former name of ToughBuilt – who ia a Las Vegas based importer)

The company prefix 099198 (on the Lowes sawhorse) is associated with J S Products.

Lots of Lowes-Kobalt tools come from JS Products – Steelman division.

JS Products sell a line of sawhorses under their Protocol Brand:

I’m guessing that the OEM for all of these items is a factory in China

I figure anything of this nature I buy is made in china - at the price. I sort of hoped the toughbuilt ones might be american made - but then I put hands on one. It’s not.