Folding shovel/e-tool recs please

hi all - hope everyone is safe and sound and keeping protocl in these troubled times!

i am looking for a folding shovel/e-tool that would live mostly in my car, but could also be hiked for a little bit in a pinch (no multiday hikes). primary uses would be camping but also emergency, including snow. I know about the Ames E-tool but hoping for some secret recommendation of lighter tools, such as the Gerber e-tool (but on paper it looks only about half pound lighter than the Ames). would welcome any interesting recs! cheers.

I don’t have much personal expertise with these but my first thought would be to look for military surplus. That is usually very good value for money since they are usually inexpensive and built to military standard.

I was given one of these as a Xmas gift in 2019 - it works OK - but seems like its no longer available:

Zoro has this one on backorder:

I got one of those little military style folding shovels that fold in two places. It’s fine, but it’s clumsy and balky to unfold and lock. If you have a chance, I’d try out any models you’re thinking of buying. Or I’d just get a small shovel that doesn’t fold, like the Russian “Spetznaz” style.

There are lots of folding snow shovels, but they’re for snow, with bigger and lighter scoops. They might not do for chopping ice or whatnot.

I have a SOG foldable shovel……it looks suspiciously similar to the Gerber. I use it for light duty jobs around the yard and have no complaints. I like that one edge has serrations, intended to be used as a saw. It worked well when recently digging up and cutting thru some small tree roots in the backyard. Didn’t want to use a reciprocating saw being I was right on a cable line. Great little saw but has its limitations. Perfect for keeping in a truck during the winter.

I have extensive experience with the military entrenching tool made by Ames, but little practical experience with other designs. The weight of the Ames isn’t too bad–the handle and shaft are aluminum so most of the weight is the blade, which is a good thing as that takes most of the abuse.

The e-tool is also fairly packable, and you can get either ALICE or MOLLE carriers for it to clip on a backpack or belt. It isn’t invincible, though…I’ve seen many break when used as a mattock, usually at the handle itself.