Free dewalt 20v battery with purchase of 20v outdoor tools

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Sorry first link didn’t work.

If you go to this link and look just under the description there should be a link to the 20v promo.

Fixed the link, :+1:

Good deal though frustrating that it only applies to kits.

It looks like a good deal, and the hedge trimmer is tempting, but I already bought the string trimmer and blower kits on clearance ($144 with additional 10% discount) at Lowe’s a few months ago. Home Depot sells the bare hedge trimmer separate for $129 and I already have two 5Ah, three 4Ah and four 2Ah batteries. Still, $70 more for another 5Ah AND a 3Ah battery…

Thanks for the heads-up, deal post is going up on ToolGuyd as well momentarily.

Seems like a good deal. 3.0Ah capacity is so-so, but better than nothing if the kit-bundled 5.0Ah pack runs out of juice in the middle of a task.

Yeah I use the 3’s for the light and radio kits, other misc tools that I’m also using when working on a project. Or just turn around and sell it new for a lower price, no loss to you to discount a free battery.

I’m impressed by the dewalt outdoor tools so far. Had the 40v sting trimmer the past year and it’s been doing great. The 4amp 40v lasts my yard and only uses about a third of the battery on low, with edging and trimming. Cant imagine the 6 or new 7.5 (see that new backpack blower?)!