Freeman Air Nailers?

With a good possibility of building a workshop this summer I’m looking into what tools I can justify buying :smiley:

Was thinking some air nailers would be a good one.
Came across this kit on Amazon.

Anyone have experience with Freeman nailers?
Price seems good.

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I haven’t used them before, but they seem to be well recommended by users. Based on the pricing, I’ve assumed they’re homeowner/consumer grade tools.

If ordering from Amazon, you could easily return them if they don’t meet your expectations.

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I’ll probably give them a go. It’s that or renting a framing nailer. And with this I get the other nailers in the kit that I don’t have and will want to have someday.

In my experience with many brands of nailers just a couple drops of oil before use and they just keep working. For that price why wouldn’t you get em! I have a 20 yo Craftsman framer that just won’t die but if it did I’d prolly be looking at this kit. (already have the other types of nailers in that kit but hey I like having extras lol)

I’ve got the Freeman stapler that shoots the type of staples that are normally fired by a manual stapler. ( I can’t seem to remember what those things are called) Anyway, It’s okay. It jams occasionally and the power is reasonable but I don’t think it is anything to get excited about or really enjoy using. It is, however, for roughly the same price as a manual stapler, MUCH nicer to use than a manual one.

I also have a Senco brad gun and a Hitachi narrow crown stapler and they are much nicer tools. It is disappointing however, that Senco tools are not as good as they once were like many things these days. So, in some ways, I feel a used Hitachi is probably a better investment than a new Senco.

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no framer but one heck of a deal.

Great deal if they are any good. Cost is almost – but not quite – in the Harbor Freight Category.
I’m not endorsing either brand as I have no experience. I only buy things like disposable gloves and chip brushes when they are on sale (sale price minus their ubiquitous 20% off coupon always seems unbeatable) at Harbor Freight. Furthermore, I would be cautious about HF pneumatic tools – since QA/QC might be non-existent at their price point, I looked at a few (there seem to be several different models for each) of their comparable tools:

18ga Brad Nailer for $20

23ga Pinner for $25

18ga stapler for $25

Tool Belt for $17

So assembling a set from HF would cost you $ 87 – without applying any 20% off coupons or just under $70 if you made multiple purchases using the 20% off deal. Armed with the HF coupon and prices for their tolls maybe you can get a local HD store manager to sell you the Freeman set for $80.