Fusion 360 for Sale on Amazon Prime Day

Not sure if this interests anyone, but I just got an email from Autodesk that Fusion 360 will be discounted to $25 for an annual subscription on Amazon Prime Day, July 12. It is normally $300/yr, which is insanely cheap to begin with for a full fledged license.

It is technically free for education and hobbyists, but if you want to use it for work or a business, you need to buy a license. This would be a good opportunity to try it out without a lot of cost.

Holy cow! To bad it’s probably not recurring.

The little I’ve used Fusion 360, I really like it. It’s different than other CAD though, but it’s way easier to learn once you understand it. I found a few tutorials online that helped me get started.

It’s amazing how powerful it is, with just a sketch and a few operations you can make a pretty complicated 3D model.