Gasoline can recommendations

So…it turns out some lowlife decided to steal my gas can out of my work truck, and I had to go buy a new one. It seems that these days all of them have some kind of safety nozzle on them…and I absolutely despise it. The flow rate is very slow, and it’s extremely cumbersome to both hold the gas can and operate the safety nozzle–in fact, find it downright unsafe to try to use this can to refill my ZTR. I didn’t see any cans with old-style nozzles on them so I assume those are now banned.

Anyone come across a gas can nozzle or spout that isn’t outright awful?

there is a no spill job were the valve control is on the handle. I forget who makes it but on the top handle of a 5 gallon job has a bit yellow button on it.

while holding you can hold the button down and it pulls the valve on for you while you hold it.

there are metal cans that we use on the ramp - again don’t know the name but they have a flap valve too - again on the handle so where you hold it you have the control. seems to work well. I love the metal ones but I hear they are spendy +

I’m happy enough with this brand can:

But I use it infrequently - mostly have landscapers in to do most of the work - but once in a while will fill up my backpack blower etc, for in-between tasks. I have their model 2405 (2,5 gallon) can - its not perfect - but seems to dispense gas without lots of fiddling around.

That valve looks like a more sane design than the one I ended up with. I think I’d be happy with something like that for filling handheld OPE. It looks like a great design for something like a chainsaw, trimmer, etc. But judging by the size of the nozzle I think I’d be just as frustrated trying to fill my ZTR with it.
I think I just had an epiphany, and now I understand why I see so many work or farm trucks with motocross racing style gas cans in the back. And why they sell them at my local farmer’s co-op. It’s not that all these people are racing dirt bikes…it’s that these gas cans don’t have any of the EPA nozzle nonsense.

I ended up ordering a pack of old-school flexible spouts from Amazon.

The one Fred Posted is the one I have at home or close enough to it.

Still couldn’t find a name on our metal ones on the ramp but I’m nearly positive they are Eagle Brand -like the metal can my dad had for 30 years.

I got a similar kit to this years ago.

Matthew, that’s nearly exactly what I bought. I like how those kits include the vent fittings as well. It’s nice to have some spare parts like that around too in case something fails on the other gas can I use for 2-stroke.

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I am a fan of the Surecans. They are very thick and easy to pour. I have dumped a full one out of the back of my truck on the road. I got stopped to help and said “Wow I need to get one of these”

Thanks for that suggestion, b33tl3, those look fantastic. Whenever I need another can I will look seriously at those.

We use surecans for watercraft. Easy to carry and not spill into the water.

I have a couple Jerry cans at home. They used to have nice ones at fleet farm for about $50 but haven’t seen them forever.