Good Bosch Deals At Menard's


Gents, I went to Menard’s today to get a junction box and some insulation for my A/C line. I always check to see what’s on sale. They have a two tool 12 volt set of the PS31 and PS41 for 99.99. That is still one heck of a deal, even for last generation tools. Charger, carry bag, and 2 batteries though it does not list Ah on the web page. I forgot to check the box directly. I suspect at this price they are 1.5Ah models. Still, for extra batteries and tools this is hard to beat.

I also noted they have the 12 volt reciprocating saw as a bare tool for 119.99. I think that is competitive these days. I do wish Menard’s would update whatever agreement they have with Bosch to include the 12 volt brushless stuff. Good deals though for brick and mortar.


Here some linkys:

Based on my daily visits to Menards I’d bet the sale will run to the 16th.


You are absolutely right. Dropped by there tonight to recheck pricing(really close to my house) and sale ends today. I would bet you can get them online til midnight or so.

Also, I misspoke. The recip saw is only 99.99. The 12 volt right angle kit with one battery is 119.99. And all of th3m come with 2.0Ah batteries. Great prices.