Good construction or renovation shows on Discovery+?

Hi fam, I just got a free trial for Discovery+, which includes Discovery, TLC, HGTV and others. They have lots of shows about renovating or building homes, like Restored, Fixer to Fabulous, 100 Day Dream Home, etc. (no This Old House, sadly.)

Do any of you watch any of these shows? Which are any good?


sadly very few I found informative. There was one about landscaping I really liked.

and there are a few on restorations like reclaiming a barn. I’d have to go find my watch list for some names. but there are a few.

I went down the rabbit hole of modern marvels, engineering disasters, If we built it today, and superfactories.

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I actually joined the This Old House insider that have access to all seasons for simplicity. It’s billed annually ($100) but with 40+ seasons of it and 20+ seasons of ask this old house it’s been worth it so far.
I know Roku channel is going to have a lot more of the show now too since they bought the IP.
Those may be better options if you’re really wanting This Old House.

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I hate my bath was interesting - got some idea there.

I hate my yard is nice too - again interesting ideas and the presenter is interesting…

restoration road was the thing I was trying to think of - it’s interesting but not that useful.

There are a few others. but mostly the older stuff. OH there’s somethng about den rehab that has some neat ideas and some pointers here and there - but also some very far out crap.

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No Offense meant but I refuse to pay to stream something that is or was on PUBLIC BROADCASTING SERVICE.

rankles my nerves. Yes they take donation and yes they are paid by the government too - it aired for free so it should stream for free - or at least be avaialble for free download.

I’m sure they are somewhere.

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Not sure if it’s on there, but I used to enjoy Renovation Reality. Falls more in the commiserating/schadenfreude camp than anything educational, but it’s entertaining.

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Not for nothing, but anyone that has watched a Discovery Channel show has paid for it already. It’s not an over the air channel for free.

That being said, if people are already paying for the channel with their subscription, they should be entitled to free access to the streaming service.

A lot of these Streaming services are trying to double dip.


discovery and it’s family of crap channels is paid cable network. so it started off paid and is still paid for viewership.

PBS is free - aired free, any of that content was originally aired free. with ads- yes. Therefore them charging for the shows that once aired for free is not the same thing and is not right.

Meanwhile though you know if you really want to you can shop around on the internets. Get a VPN first though.

You can still access the current seasons on the PBS app (for free). Only paid as a way to do a donation and get the whole back catalog.

PBS owns the original broadcast rights, not the IP. Just like a show could have aired on CBS but streams on peacock because it was made by universal.

All of these streaming services are double dipping. The only one i can think of that isn’t is HBO Max in my case.

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