Good Deal At Amazon, Knipex 30 25 140

Gents, I just picked up a Knipex 30 25 140 at Amazon for $25.57 and shipped free with Prime. I checked today and it had gone up to $26.85 or thereabouts. Why I don’t know but Amazon has their ways. Anyroad, this about about 5-6 dollars less than and that is saying something because they are typically the go-to place for Knipex. There were three left as of today.

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Gents, it just arrived in the post this evening. As typifies Knipex, fit and finish are superb. I had posted a thread over on garage journal a couple of years ago about wanting some precision type pliers for industrial control work. Specifically a small set of half round tip long nose, an oval cutter(semi flush would be perfect for control wiring) and another pair of long nose with hopefully longer handle and a bent tip. Well I first started looking at their electronics pliers and it was quickly pointed out to me these are nearly useless for my tasks. NONE of them have serrated jaws. This may be fine for jeweler’s work or electronic components but you need serrated jaws to make sure you have a good purchase on wire and small terminal parts. So after looking at Schmitz, another fabulous German brand, and realising their is almost zero distribution in the States, I started over again.

Well last week I started poring over the Knipex site and started making some comparisons. While I would have liked the box joints on the electronics pliers and their slimmer jaw profiles, I found some of their line that worked out pretty well looking at the specs. I do not like cutters on my long nose type pliers whatsoever. I find them superfluous. And the almost inevitable gap they create in the jaws is a pain. So after mucking around in their 25 series section, which do have cutters, I noticed they have almost direct alternatives in another series number. 30 to be exact. So the 30 25 140 have; No cutter, 42mm jaw length, and overall length of 140mm. This gives me approximately 4 inches of handle which is only about a half inch short of covering my palms from side to side. I have fairly large mitts and the bulkier two component grips make a big difference. The only issue is a bent nose. This is only available in a 160mm model in the 25 series with a cutter and 50mm jaws. So the search continues for a solution for that need. I can say that at under 30 dollars shipped from Amazon I would not hesitate to buy this again.

Edited: I also wanted to mention these have the chrome finish and I cannot recommend it enough. I have enough of their chromed pliers now to say the finish is very attractive and durable and it keeps rust and stains to a minimum.

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