Good YouTube Video On Skil 12v PWRCore

Lads, over at Tools In Action YouTube channel they have a new video up demonstrating the new Skil PWRCore 12v tools. I won’t put the link here because they are a competing blog to ToolGuyd. I only post it now because ToolGuyd doesn’t seem to do YT videos and figured it would be okay. Just go to YT and search; SKIL 12V PWRCORE Tools- First Look

As a few of us speculated when Stuart posted about these tools they are a far cry from the pathetic products that bore the Skil name in years past. Chervon has done a pretty good job of revitalising the brand and their tests showed some serious performance from a ‘homeowners’ tool line. They weren’t portraying these as some Milwaukee clone/contender but were suitably impressed with performance and build quality. They even mentioned the contractor word.

It goes along with what I have always said about this class of tool. Guys are not nearly as tribal about 12v models as they are their primary 18/20v stuff. If a tool works well and fills a niche the contractor needs, he’ll use it. Particularly for tight areas under countertops or electrical trim out where the weight, bulk, and power of full sized tools would be more of a nuisance than help. Anyroad, good to see the old brand perceived as anything but a joke. Other than the worm drive saws, time had not been good to the venerable old marquee.

I’ve been testing the new PWRCore 12 drill, and it definitely has quite a bit of power.

For the the record, linking to Tools in Action videos is okay. =)