Hackzall and other mini recip blades -- selection sucks?

In a jigsaw-style shank, I can get blades specially made for plastic, which are like stagger-set wood blades but even better. But I can’t find this tooth profile with a Sawzall-style shank.

Actually, when it comes to the tiny little keyhole-size blades (the whole reason I wanted a Hackzall after all), I can’t find squat. There are two types made by Milwaukee ( 49-00-5310 and 49-00-5324, at $15+/blade, what?), and one type made by Makita ( 723061) which are nice and cheap, but… is that it? Three whole blades in this style, in the whole universe?

Tell me I’m missing something.

I have a similar need for my M12 hackzall and I’m finding a pack of five 49-00-5310 for less than 10 bucks at Acme tools… https://www.acmetools.com/shop/tools/milwaukee-49-00-5310?cm_mmc=Bing--PRODUCTFEED--MILWAUKEE-_-49-00-5310&utm_id=bi_cmp-276528994_adg-1221557478408973_ad-76347360443573_pla-4579946967312834_dev-c_ext-_prd-49-00-5310&msclkid=d8c99d27ba1316714207fd3155da0212&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=CA%20Bing%20Shopping&utm_term=4579946967312834&utm_content=GS_milwaukee#