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I received an email from Harbor Freight, http://view.harborfreightemail.com/?qs=888b82c06ad1ef87cc7b220b510b3b44ead2c11e397f60741150debab5f3613acb095e868abe97d15dab803f788df111ef780f74bbeef2f2f7369b7313a17676e7ab4b0a4b6aba86 I don’t know if the link will work so I’ll paste the text.

A lot of great things are happening at Harbor Freight Tools. We’ve improved the quality of hundreds of our core tools while continuing to offer them at the lowest prices…making them an even more compelling value. We’re also developing dozens of new lines of professional tools that match the industry leaders on features, performance and durability, but at a fraction of the price.
Recently, one of the tool industry’s leading experts who writes the influential tool blog “ToolGuyd” spoke with the engineer who leads our quality and product engineering team. I thought you might like to see what he had to say about their conversation and about the new Hercules cordless power tools and the exciting things that are happening at Harbor Freight. Click here to read the post.

The Hercules line has already earned hundreds of five-star reviews from a wide range of professional tool users. And many more Hercules tools will be hitting our shelves in the months ahead.

Coupons on the Hercules tool line are in limited supply, but we’re including several below to encourage you to stop by any of our 800+ stores nationwide or visit harborfreight.com to check out Hercules and so much more.

Joe Johnson
Product Engineering
Harbor Freight Tools

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I’ll be blunt: Harbor Freight will have a steeply inclined road ahead if it wishes to gain the respect of most quality tool enthusiasts. In the end, though, they are sure to come out on top. A lot of people like HF well enough already, so that core base of consumers will continue buying the new stuff as quality improves. They’ll show their buddies who are on the fence and some of those people will jump aboard.

With Sears rapidly fading and the home improvement stores focusing less on automotive tools, Harbor Freight will gain more sales by being the only store to offer specialty tools and such, not counting the often much more expensive auto parts stores, that is.