Have You Seen Any Interesting Tools that are New To You


Maybe sales of Milwaukee hollow-core magnetic nut drivers have made a dent in sales of ones from Klein.
Anyway - it seems that the Klein design has been changed.

I saw these on Tools of the Trade online blog:




Ran across this drill-powered pipe beveling tool from REED:


A bit too pricey for a residential plumber - but might speed things up on a big apartment job.

BTW Reed and Wheeler Rex both produce high quality tools - although they may not have the brand recognition of Ridgid.


So Porter Cable offers 2 20v drills, PCC600 330uwo and PCC601 283uwo then they added a Hammer drill based off the 330uwo PCC620, Now I just saw this new hammer drill http://www.lowes.com/pd_786682-34252-PCC621LB___?productId=1000057171&pl=1&Ntt=porter+cable based off the PCC601, its listed as $50 MORE than the 620 bare tool so I’m gussing the price is going to drop a lot.

Just looking at the Pic it looks like the color scheme is just slightly different with the red hammer suggesting that IF the Brushless models come out they may keep the same subtle coloring if anyone has seen this http://www.toolsofthetrade.net/drills/the-first-brushless-drills-from-ridgid-ryobi-and-porter-cable_o.aspx you’ll understand where I’m going with this lol.


I got a email from Fastcap this morning about these new knife blades:



I just got an email from Jet Tools about their new scroll saw.

Looks nice:


it is selling for $900 at Woodcraft:

Its about half the price of the Hegner that I use:


but If I were comparing/shopping in this price range - I’d take a hard look at the 20 inch Dewalt



Want to practice picking locks?!

Well you can but this vise on Amazon!



We had a travelling crane and a fork lift to deal with the big stuff - but there was always some hand maneuvering. A pair or two of these seem like they might be worth a try:



Some different takes on Multi-Tools:





A new-style fearherboard:

I saw these items courtesy of Woodworker’s Journal Magazine:


Here’s a line to purchase it:




Got an email from Fastcap promoting a new toll called the Fast Shim - a holder that allows you to cut custom shims using your table saw.



I saw a video of Ron Paulk showing off his DIY shim cutter a few weeks ago. I guess it’s been out a since the beginning of the year though.


Window Removal tool:



Window cut out saw:



New Porter Cable portable table saw, I saw these in store but they had no demo setup, I am in the market for a small portable, Seems that there was quite a stack of em… Fathers Day sale maybe?


Woodpecker’s new One-Time Tool is a remake of their Paolini Rulers:



Wiha Triangle Nut Drivers




Interesting Triangle Nut Drivers. I can’t say I’ve come across too many of either the bolts nor nuts but it’s good to know where to get the tool.

Thanks Fred!


I’ve only seen a triangular nut on the end of a large rotating shaft. Obviously not what these are for. I do see that there is a DIN standard for both the nuts and cap screws:


and that Laser Tools (UK) makes a set of sockets - so maybe we’ll start seeing this style of nut on some European cars:



The Illuminati is upon us!


No illuminatus here - but I’ve passed by the AMORC cultural center in NY City so (based on some weird conspiracy theory apropos to the Illuminati) maybe something rubbed off on me. Anyway back to tools - the only thing stranger than all the different fastener styles they come up with for cars - is how they seem to change various parts on bicycles so you’re forced to buy new tools.