Have you seen Vidmar Toughsystem tool boxes?!

Recently I was googling something and I found this photo, I don’t remember which website was that, but it seems SBD introduces these cases to all other brands they have like Mac Tools, Facom, DeWALT and Stanley Fatmax and now Vidmar. Some of the DeWALT ones have a print of DeWALT on and in some a sticker on.

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I knew SBD owned Vidmar but didn’t expect them to use that name on these products. Interesting. wonder if that means you might find cheaper versions of this one day in industrial catalogs.

Example we use Vidmar products in our hangar workspace setups. Occasionally you will find Vidmar products cheap in industrial catalogs for things like locking cabinets. I will say cheap is a relative term

I am not sure tbh, I just want to find these boxes in different colours (at least the handles) or a different name on them, I have some DeWALT ones and I get headache from checking a few to find what I need.

Interesting — how do you like these? In particular the drawer units?

I’ve been trying to make do with a Husky Rolling Connect system, but stacking and unstacking them is driving me nuts — I’m currently trying to modify a Husky 5-Compartment Connect System Tool Caddy Small Parts Organizer: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-5-Compartment-Connect-System-Tool-Caddy-Small-Parts-Organizer-in-Black-235588/302929335

So that it functions as a drawer unit.

The ideal of course would be a Pelican 0450 or Stahlwille Tool Trolley.

Here is the website I found it

They are the best in some ways.

  • They are made of 4mm thick plastic (except the clear lid in DS100), this is the thickest I have found, I have not seen anyone that has managed to break one.

  • They are water proof and dust proof, so whatever you keep inside is not going to get dusty if you work in an environment that others make a lot of dust, also if you work in damp working condition (concrete/plaster) or you want to keep your tools in a damp garage these are the right tool boxes if you don’t want your tools to get rusty.

  • You can lock your toolboxes (not the drawer units, DS250, DS290 and DS295) to not let anyone to have an access to your tools, I use Abus Titalium Keyed Alike 64TI/30 padlocks (I have tried some others also, but these fit the best, when you lock it even if you open the latches the lid will not move at all), another good thing with Abus padlocks is that you can order keyed alike padlocks, I did order 18 of them and they all have the same key, so I don’t need to carry 18 different keys with me, they also have a record of your order and you can always order more padlocks with the same key to match the existing ones. (DeWALT does not provide any information about the size of the padlock suitable for these boxes and I had to waste so much time buying different padlocks and trying them).

  • They are stackable, you can also buy DeWALT Toughsystem Workshop or Van racking systems, the Trolley that comes with this platform is very heavy duty also.

  • They have two side handles in case if the box is heavy two persons can carry that. They have a top handle also.

  • The drawer units DS250, DS290 and DS295 are not lockable.

  • The drawer unit DS250 is not water proof or dust proof, I think that is why later they came up with DS290 and DS295.

  • It would be nice also to have DS290 with 4 shorter drawers instead of 2 long drawers (half of the length of the existing one) and DS295 with 6 drawers instead of 3 drawers, that would make a supporting wall in the middle of the length of the box to avoid the possibility for the top section of the box from being bended, I have an issue with my DS250 about this, top is a bit curvy now and the drawer does not go in smoothly.

  • DeWALT is more innovative with TSTAK and not with Toughsystem boxes, No Vac/Dust collector and caddy for Toughsystem platform.

  • They need to produce new models, DS050 or DS060 or DS070 (of course they will have to change the design for the metal latches as the height is not enough for the ones they use in DS100) these should have dovetails for plastic bit holders considered as accessory sets.

  • They also need to produce DS200 for larger accessory cases, DS450 (without wheels) and DS500 for larger items.

  • They also need to make them in different colours (not just the handles) at least different colours for different brands of SBD, Tanos boxes are available in so many different colours.

  • It would be nice to produce them with better quality plastic also as an option (similar to the plastic that Tanos uses), I don’t mind to pay more for better quality plastic.

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Yeah, it’s interesting to learn that these are made by a subsidiary — explains why Tstak and Tough System aren’t compatible.

If I could find the DS295 for sale, I’d be tempted to get it, a DS290, and the small box and trolley — the problem is, at what that will add up to I might as well get a Stahlwille Tool Trolley or Pelican 0450 — the former seems to be sold under a number of different names.

Fortunately, modifying the parts box went well (and it was only $15) — hopefully I can come up with the time today to at least make a prototype drawer out of cardboard and then lay out tools and determine how many drawers I’d need and what heights they’d have to be.

It is always good to be in one platform I think, the compatibility is important and useful, Stahwille and Pelican ones are good, very heavy duty, but they are designed for hand tools and things like accessories and screws from my point of view, DeWALT provides some specially designed insert foams for some of their cordless tools which fit these boxes, unfortunately not for all cordless tools they have, if you are in DeWALT platform then these cases are useful. You might get DS295 from Facom with red handles. I normally like metal things and tool boxes, but metal toolboxes are problem to use in furnished properties that have wooden flooring, it might damage the floor, that is why I have given up from metal toolboxes, if you have a workshop you can go for something like this:

I mostly use hand tools, so that’s a cogent observation — if the Husky Rolling Connect modification doesn’t work out, I’ll be trying the Stahlwille or making my own from scratch.

Either dewalt system or in your case FACOM or whatever should be significantly cheaper than the Stahlwile kit. I’m assuming here you mean their 13217 or I think it’s a 13417 trolly. big plastic box in colors with options for castor but has a extended handle trolley.

They aren’t cheap which admittedly nothing stahlwille is that I know of.

I would probably point you to a pelican case set. Or the toughsystem which has my attention. I don’t really have need of it personally but I like most of the idea. nearly half the price of the stahlwille device and room to customize/modify.

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