Have you seen Vidmar Toughsystem tool boxes?!

Recently I was googling something and I found this photo, I don’t remember which website was that, but it seems SDB introduces these cases to all other brands they have like Mac Tools, Facom, DeWALT and Stanley Fatmax and now Vidmar. Some of the DeWALT ones have a print of DeWALT on and in some a sticker on.

I knew SBD owned Vidmar but didn’t expect them to use that name on these products. Interesting. wonder if that means you might find cheaper versions of this one day in industrial catalogs.

Example we use Vidmar products in our hangar workspace setups. Occasionally you will find Vidmar products cheap in industrial catalogs for things like locking cabinets. I will say cheap is a relative term

I am not sure tbh, I just want to find these boxes in different colours (at least the handles) or a different name on them, I have some DeWALT ones and I get headache from checking a few to find what I need.