Heavy-duty lockable storage for under a workbench

Hi y’all.

I’m building a new workbench, and due to limited space, I don’t really want to have a separate locking toolchest for my various handheld power tools.
It looks like the space under the bench is going to be around 22x48x24" (HWD). Does anyone have suggestions for a small steel tool cabinet that’ll fit in that space? All of the Knaack boxes & chests (which I’ve used for years and like) are too tall to fit without making the workbench too tall for me to use comfortably.
I’d rather have a cabinet with a shelf than just drawers, though half cabinet and half drawers would work too.

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Have you considered adding walls and doors to the work bench? You could add something simple like a locking hasp on the doors. If you have access to both sides of the bench, put doors on both long sides.

As for the interior, I would encourage you to add shelves or sliding shelves. Otherwise it turns into a dumping ground where things at the bottom or back are buried, lost or too inconvenient to dig out. If you only have one set of doors, 4 half width sliding shelves with full extension slides would make it more functional despite the space lost. If you have doors on both long sides, I would just do a fixed full width shelf. Maybe add some sliding shelves on the floor. That will save some space.

Putting another storage locker down there will also waste space, mostly likely add to the inaccessibility and the lack of organization and finding something that fits the space will be difficult.

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Good point about making your own lockable storage with walls and doors. About the interior and stuff not getting inaccessible, I made a bunch of cubbies for one shelf/storage unit on wheels, inspired by Ron Paulk’s cubbies. I just made some ply boxes to fit the space I had. Ron has some other great storage ideas in his mobile workshop. Here’s a video, you should start at around 15 minutes to see the internal storage stuff, including cubbies and drawers. The cubbies are great for organization, and I can always find exactly what I need. These cubbies could go behind doors. His drawers are good, too.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vb3c0ZRYt90&t=6s (cue up to 15 minutes to see the storage cubbies and drawers).

He has a video or two on making the cubbies. Especially good is how close together the slots are so they are very flexible/changeable. Lots of videos on making the stuff he shows.

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Thank you for the suggestions.
I’d definitely like some drawers, but I also need space to keep some less-used tools that live in cases.
I’ve been thinking about adapting one of the Knaack Cart Armor kits, but I can’t find the actual dimensions of the panels anywhere.