Hello all, i want to buy a drill


What is the best store for buying a standard drill? and if i wanted one what would be the difference of me getting a impact drill or a standard drill driver?


Lots of choices:

Maybe first decide on a brand - some possibilities include:
Top Tier - Professional = Bosch, Dewalt, Makita and Milwaukee
Mid Level = Ridgid (Home Depot) , Porter Cable, Hitachi
DIY = Ryobi - maybe Craftsman and Kobalt (Lowes)

Then decide if you want the compact ergonomics of 12V or the heftiness and greater capabilities of an 18V system.

That may help you weigh the options - as some brands are better represented in the 12V class (Milwaukee M12 and Bosch perhaps) - while others like Dewalt offer options like FlexVolt. If a drill will be your only tool - it may not matter - but if you plan to expand your tool collection - you might want a platform you can build upon.

Newer offerings will feature more powerful (with less battery drain) brushless motors - but older “brushed” motor tools might represent a good value if offered as part of special sales - like a Home Depot special buy.

Then if you mostly drill in metal, wood and drywall - a drill/driver will likely meet your needs.
If you expect to do some light drilling in masonry - then a hammer drill (adds weight and a bit of complexity) might better suit you.
If you mostly drive screws into wood with just a little need for drilling - then a impact driver might work out - but it is not optimized for drilling - and you need to have hex-shank drill bits…

Once you have your thoughts together - maybe you can find a local source (Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Industrial Supplier, Ace etc.) for some of your choices - so you can see how they fit in your hands. Either way - you might then look on line for prices and/or wait on deals that may come up starting with Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day then Black Friday.
Online retailers that I’ve had decent dealings with include: Acme Tools, ToolUp, International Tool, and Tools Plus. Amazon and CPO are also spots to compare.


fred has much wisdom to offer.

Re store: Home Depot or Lowes are good, especially if you aren’t sure whether you will like a particular tool. You will be able to return the tool quickly, in person. If you don’t need to try out a tool, you can use Amazon, Tool Crib, or CPO Outlets are all good. I haven’t used any of them enough to recommend one over the others.

Re “impact drill”: there is no such thing. There are “impact drivers” and “impact wrenches,” both of which have a hammer-style motion that TURNS a bit or socket. They are mostly used to drive FASTENERS, like bolts, Tapcon screws, etc.

What you might be referring to is a hammer drill, in which a hammer-style action DRIVES a bit forward, directly into the workpiece, as if you you were hitting on the back of the drill with a hammer, very rapidly.

Hammer drills are faster than standard drills when drilling into concrete, bricks or other masonry. But they tend to be a bit heavier, and they cost more. Handyman-types might use that capability once in a while. Furniture builders would never use it.

But for heavy-duty jobs, people tend to use SDS+ drills. They have specially designed bits that allow a very robust, shall we way, hammering action. But that is more money and weight. But they are much faster than hammer drills.

So if you need to drill lots of holes in concrete, get an SDS+ drill. If you might need to do it once in a while, a hammer drill is fine. If you never need to do that, an ordinary drill will be good enough.


The choices depend on use. I recently bought a Blacken Decker Matrix which has a variety of heads that can be swapped out. I don’t use it every day but the impact drill head was a time saver on the deck I did this summer. Check it out. It is not high end, but affordable. The reviews were good (except router attachment… not enough precision) and it is available on Amazon.


Bosch also has a multi head drill set, the Flexi-click I’ve had their drills of similar size and capability for some years and they are great! I recently got the the multi-head since it’s the same 12v platform.

I bought it for $126 on Amazon which was a good price, but over the holidays I’d be surprised it similar deals would not be available. There will be coupons over the holidays that will also help bring down prices.

Talk about the Black and Decker reminded me to post this, though the B+D is a 20 volt, so more power. I’m not familiar with it, though.