Help choose a cabinet saw

I need help choosing a cabinet saw. I’m pretty sure 3 hp is plenty of power. I currently have a grizzly 220 v 3 ho single phase that’s on its last legs. I would like to replace it with something higher quality. A cross cut sled and router table built in is ideal. I’m currently looking at the Baileigh TS-1020WS
I can’t find much in the way of reviews. Does anyone have experience with this company? Can anyone make a strong suggestion for a particular saw that suits my needs?

I have a Unisaw that I bought new in the 1970’s - but I’m not sure that I’d buy one again today.

If I were to looking today, I sure consider a Hammer K3 winner if I had the budget

Regarding Baileigh - my experience is now a bit dated (sold up the last bit of the business and retired 5 years ago). But we had good experience with Baileigh mandrel benders. These were big 3 phase machines we used in a pipe/metal fabrication shop - not something for a home shop or budget (probably a new one would cost more than what I paid for my first house).

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Wow, looks like a beauty. Probably a bit outside my budget though.

I have seen Felder put the 31x31 Hammer K3 on sale for $3699. If that helps you might get on Felder’s email list and wait on a sale