Hidden Deck Fasteners

Back in January – over at the ToolGuyd site – Benjamin posted about the Camo-Profit hidden deck fastener system – made by National Nail Corp.

We had been using these on and off since 2011 – but had some callbacks for screw failure so we became a bit cautious.

We had looked at other systems like Tiger Claw – but they work on grooved decking:

We also saw the EB-Ty system, Timber Tech and others:

and liked the look of the Senco Mantis product and tooling – but my ex compatriots have not invested in this yet:


I’m about to re-do a ground level 32 x 32 cedar deck that was originally built with SS trim screws – installed on the face. I am looking for advice. I have access to the Camo tools – but is there something better out there?

I use Menard’s brand Grip Fast deck screws almost exclusively. They have a drill point and about an inch of unthreaded draw. Past 2 years of using them on about 9 decks of various styles I’ve not had a single service call or unhappy client. I’ve broke some, sure but not nearly as many as other brands. I personally don’t like Senco screws or driver for anything other than drywall. Just my 2 cents.

This spring I noticed a few places where the Camo screws lost their grip and the edge of the board pulled up. Every instance of this is on the end of the board though. I think that the grain must have split and released the fastener. I have to pick up a packet of screws (I only have 2 left) and drive the new screws as far along the edge of the board while still being able to hit the joist.

I was planning on making some outdoor chairs using the Camo screws, but now I’m not so sure.

I made 2 Adirondack style chairs for a daughter using a combination of SS screws and mahogany dominos - only 1 year old - so time will tell how they hold up over the long haul

To add I haven’t used Camo screws personally and don’t plan to, they just are glorified trim screws to me.