Hiding Nails in paneling

So I’ve putting up some faux brick paneling (Gaslight II) and nailed it in the black sections.
I used black colored paneling nails, but not sure why they were even colored, as it goes away after a few strikes.
My question is, what to use to hide the nail heads (I even used nail setters after the fact, some sunk in deeper, some did not) and some nail holes? Probably around 75 nails.
I have tried JB Wood Weld, Elmer’s Wood Filler, Dap Plastic Wood (in the tube), and Miniwax Wood Putty (this did not take paint or match in color at all). I want to paint it when I’m done, to try and match the color, which is a flat/matte black.
At this point, I think the easiest might be some black caulk.

Maybe a Minwax Blend-Fil pencil. They are a colored wax that comes in several different colors – it comes in ebony.


Forgot to say, tried that too. Color didn’t really match.