Home Depot Milwaukee Deals

It looks like the Depot is clearing out a bunch of tools, particularly Milwaukee at the moment. One of my local ones which isn’t a “primary” Milwaukee location had about a dozen different tools with yellow stickers, some on $x.00, and some on $x.06. I’m pretty sure I saw an M18 fuel drill set stickered, a few corded items, some lighting, fairly random stuff. I don’t know if maybe this is to make room for stuff coming from NPS18 in a few weeks/months, if it’s just clearing things that maybe haven’t sold super well, or what. But figured I’d start a thread for people to put deals specifically related to this that they find.

The big one I found today that was the inspiration here (thanks reddit) were the one-key radius site lights 2146-20. They’re normally 349, are on special buy for 199 online, but are on clearance in store. One store only had them marked down to the first level of clearance at 267.06, but another store had them for 88.03, which should be the final level of clearance. The non one-key versions are also on the shelf for 149, down from 299 (disclaimer: one store had them white-stickered at the $149 price, one store had them yellow stickered at the $149 price).

The M18 nicer rocket lights are also supposedly on clearance, though no stores in my area have them anymore to see. Only 2 of the dozen or so stores semi-near me had the one key radius lights too, you can still find them on the HD website by looking for the light there, though as with any clearance items, your in-store stock mileage may vary.

I’ll be hitting my main Home Depot in greater detail soon, since I was mainly on a quest for these lights tonight and just happened to see other stuff. I didn’t notice offhand any M12 stuff on clearance, but again didn’t look too hard.

The Home Depots in my area (southwest of Atlanta) have varying deals, but some of the better ones are long-gone. I picked up my Rocket light for $200 over a month ago, my non-One Key Radius light for $150 a few weeks ago, and the One Key impact driver for $134 (by far the worst “deal” of the bunch) about three weeks ago. This past weekend I made a longish trip to the outer suburbs of Atlanta, bypassing the Thomaston store (wish I’d stopped there in hindsight) but hitting up Griffin, Peachtree City, Newnan, and LaGrange. Most of those stores had minimal clearance pricing on One Key M18 kits (around $400, normally $499 or something like that) and an M12 Fuel kit with the older impact and drill, one had Fuel Super HoleHawgs for $240 down from $380, and a local store has the 26" jobsite tool boxes for 25% off (I picked up three to supplement the one I’ve had for four years, I already had four 13" jobsite boxes anyway).

A store I stopped at a couple of weeks back had an 18" rolling tool bag for $40, along with stickers showing the recent presence of DeWalt ToughSystem boxes for around $9 and $13. The aforementioned stores had slight discounts (about 25%) on other DeWalt tool boxes; I found two cantilever boxes for $70 apiece but really didn’t see the point in yet another non-modular piece of tool storage, opting instead for a second DS450 (at full price, though).

There are $.02 deals but it is rare to see them, especially if they are easily seen in highly trafficked tool sections. There are also penny deals, of which I’ve gotten a whopping two in the past (neither being big-ticket items). I’ve spent thousands at Home Depot in the past few years, mostly on DeWalt but more recently Milwaukee lighting and Fuel tools along with some Ridgid. Patience and luck pay off, but it can get addicting. I’m in a local store every weekend in hopes of finding a deal.