Hot Tool Deals!


Grr-Ripper X2 complete system $200 at Peachtree. Two GR-200 pushblocks and a couple of accessories. I’ve never seen the gravity heel before or the handle bridge, although I guess it’s part of the deflector, which I have seen before.


The handle bridge ( GRHB-010) came with the kit that I bought in 2007. I bought the gravity heels (GRP-42 and GRP43) in early 2014 - and they may have been new at that time. I bought the deflector (GRDC-020) and a 1/8 inch leg (GRP-11G) - which were not part of the original kit - in early 2012 - and they may have been new at that time.


Infinity Cutting Tools having a sale on a few items - and introducing a few Narex items:


Tooltopia sent me a notice of a sale:

Might be a good deal on underhood llights

but Amazon has some for less


Home Depot is having a FREE 6Ah battery sale on DeWalt FlexVolt tools thru the end of the year. I don’t see the sale on HD’s website so maybe it’s in-store only or just isn’t active online yet.


Ya, I was going to post this after I confirmed it, a guy I know just picked up the table saw and said he got a free extra battery. Makes me wanna know which tools qualify.


I returned the M18 Red Lithium High Demand Battery, Rapid Charger and Fuel 7-1/4 inch Saw kit that I bought ($249 - but $270 with tax) as a Christmas gift at Home Depot – waiting on a better deal. I bought one today on this Acme Tool sale – $211.65 with free shipping.


$899 for Leica Disto 810 kit - at Amazon - only $50 more than I had paid for the bare instrument:


I think the $402 price on Amazon might be from a scammer


Acme is having a few $99 deals - here’s one:


Metabo cordless 4.5" grinder kit with 2 batteries for $130 at CPO Metabo:,default,pd.html

Select Home Depot stores are getting rid of the new Fein FMM350 QSL (for unclear reasons, but perhaps it has something to do with customer complaints about blade compatibility) and selling these for $100.


The Andersons general store ( has the DEWALT DCB205CK 20V Max 5 Battery Charger and Bag on Sale for $79.99, plus this week they have 20% coupon in their flyer. Not a bad deal!

Andersons has stores is in the Toledo, Maumee and Columbus areas. They have the best selection of Dewalt and Milwakee bare tools and now they carry the full (or almost full) line of Dewalt hand wrenches and sockets.


That is a really good deal, but over 2hr drive to get it lol


Zoro Tools has a 20% off $200 and 25% off $300 deal going Jan 4-5th. Code: NEWGEAR


May still be a good deal - but FYI - here’s what Zoro says about restrictions :Brands and products that are excluded or restricted from Zoro promotions are subject to change without notice. The following brands do not qualify for our promotional offers:




ToolUp is having a sale and promotion on various Ridgid items:


Woodpeckers is knocking a bit off their woodworking rulers:

They say the sale ends 1/17/17 at midnight.

#179 is having a sales on Shapton stuff. I rarely see any of this stuff at a discount and it’s pricey. 20% on accessories and 15% off three or more stones. Good until 1/16.


Certain HomeDepots are clearance pricing the Bosch 12" axial glide saw for $380ish. My local store is not sadly.


Found this Multi-Angle Measuring Tool few weeks ago. And I actually really really like it. It does everything perfectly, quick and easy. Plus, they have a discounted price right now.

You can get it here: