Hot Tool Deals!


I thought the forum would be a good place to mention sales that don’t get a lot of advertising, or maybe are in-store, and not widely advertised. Anyway, here is my latest find:

I was at my local Ace Hardware yesterday, and they had some items in a bin that were marked half price of latest sale price. The selection wasn’t that great, but they did have a couple metric 3/8 socket and combo wrench sets, and a few 3/8 ratchets, those new ones that work kind of like a Yankee Screwdriver to speed drive the socket.
In addition, they also had a couple different impact driver bit sets, one was a Craftsman, the other a DeWalt, I think they were $12 and $15, respectively.
The $15 or $16 DeWalt set included their flex impact bit driver (over $10 by itself in the same store), and a 3/8 square drive adapter with 4 deep well 3/8 impact sockets, along with the usual driver bits.
The $12-$13 Craftsman set had Torx bits (which the DW set didn’t) along with both a 1/4 and 3/8 square adapter, and an index box that I much prefer over the DW one, once I got on to how it works.
Everything in the clearance bin looks like it is odds and ends of leftover tools from their holiday sales, and there weren’t many of any one thing.


Nice. I’ve found one of Home Depot’s best kept secrets is that besides a clearance section., Usually hidden somewhere else in the store is a returns/floor model cart (or table) where they have returned tools or tools that have been display items for deep discounts.

It seems like every Home Depot I visit has them in a different spot. Some have the cart next to the clearance section, some just outside the power tools section, but some stores seem to purposely hide the cart in an obscure place.


Acme Tools having a $25 off $100 or more Hitachi Sale (expires 3/31/16) using promo code “HITACHI25”

Woodcraft is selling the General MMD8P moisture meter for $99.99 today (2/17/16) only - they say its half price.

Ohio Power Tools is having a promotion ($20 off - plus free shipping) on some Bosch Tools:


Thanks for the Ace hardware heads up @jerry1

My store also had a huge table of miscellaneous items, and I scored a Arrow HT50 hammer for 50% off (17.xx) which I’ve been needing for a while


At Home Depot the Bosch paddle bits that fit an impact or drill are 10 dollars and some odd cents for 1/4 in through 1 1/4 in. If you buy just the 1 1/4 in it is about 9 dollars so the set is really on sale.


Amazon also has the $20 off on some Bosch tools. Limited selection though.


Tools Plus - $20 off $100 or more spent on Makita “woodworking” tools.
Coupon Code MAKITA20 - ENDS 3/22/16


Ace Hardware had a 2 pack of tape measures for $3. They are a cheap no-name brand, but for $1.50 each, I couldn’t pass them up. The pack has a 12 foot and 16 foot tape, with both inch and metric markings on the blade. Grabbed them because I occasionally could use a metric tape and doubt I’ll see any cheaper.
Plastic case with locking blade. Mine extend and retract OK, but the lock is kind of rough/gritty. Really, they are better than I expected for how cheap they were.


Have you ever bought from that site before? I have trust issues with websites lol, just curious


I’ve purchased from Tools Plus with good result. They seem to be reputable - have a bricks and mortar store in Connecticut - prices have been good - with delivery as promised.


Ok, I will check it out


Acme Tools is having a St. Patrick’s Day Salel

#13 is also having a St Patrick’s Day sale on hand tools - 15% off with Coupon Code “HAND15”

#14 having a Bare tool Sale – 10% off – using code BARE10
Ends Sunday 3/20

Zoro giving 20% off (3/17 only) on $200 or more – using code POTOGOLD giving 15% off Milwaukee Hand Tools – 3/7 and 3/18 only – using code hand15


ENCO - is having a 25% off sale today (3/17 until 11PM) - using promo code GREEN


Not so much a sale - but Ohio Power Tool is taking pre-orders on Milwaukee’s line of cordless nailers:

Peachtree Woodworking is also having an up to 75% off sale for Easter
Enter coupon code EGG16 after you add the first item to your shopping cart


I couldn’t find a list of products that were discounted in the Peachtree sale. So I tried grabbing some products and putting them in the cart. The EGG16 coupon was accepted, but it didn’t seem to apply to anything I put in my cart.



The email I got was very specific that you had to add the coupon code after you put the first item in your cart. Maybe this will work better. I wasn’t buying anything - but I think the email said that the sale included those bands for clamps.


I just tried the band clips with the code and they came up 25% off, so I guess it does work for certain items, but not sure how you know which ones.


Maybe this link will help: