How to Return a Craftsman Ratchet

I have a broken Craftsman 3/8" ratchet. Does anybody know where I should return it to obtain a new one?

Should I take it to a Sears store, Lowes, Ace Hardware, or who?


If you still have a Sears nearby I’d take it there. Ace, and especially Lowe’s may be a little harder to make the exchange at, though I can’t speak from experience. Twenty years ago I regularly exchanged Craftsman hand tools at Sears, and my last experience almost fifteen years ago was excellent. I returned an older round head raised panel ratchet, a punch, and a few other tools. The cashier told me to find their replacements, and decided that a new polished ratchet and a set of punches (as they didn’t have the single one I needed) were fair replacements. I knew I was getting over at the time but haven’t gone back for an exchange since.

Thanks…there is a Sears store close to me so I’ll give them a try.

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Ace should be able to do an exchange for you. There wasn’t ever a clear procedure from corporate, but both Ace stores that I worked at would exchange the broken tools, then ship them back to Craftsman.