Husky 200 piece set of ONLY sockets for $99

So the homedepot father’s day sale started and they have a 200 piece set of only sockets for $99. seems like a pretty comprehensive set, and at $.50/socket I don’t really see a better value especially if you don’t need all the extra junk from a “mechanic’s” set. what do ya’ll think of sets like these? I bought one, but have not cracked into it yet.

Looks OK in a sense if you just don’t have any - it covers nearly all the bases. I see however no reason to have both 12pts and 6 pts of the exact same sets. So really it’s too many sockets.

I mean I have 12pt SAE’s but no 12pt Metrics - just don’t see them. Or I haven’t yet.

I wouldn’t have 12pt and 6 pt 1/4 drives - in that 12’s would be perfectly fine. In fact that’s what I use - all my 1/4 drive is 12 pt standard and deep SAE only - metrics are 6pt shallow only.

Quality is probably OK would want to put hands on them to see. price is decent.

I also wouldn’t have 12pt 1/2 drives - again few if any 12 pt bolts I find and the ones I do find don’t need that sort of torque.