If you were in the market for a battery lawnmower


…and you were not influenced by the fact you are invested in a particular brand or platform, what mower would be top of your shopping list?

My petrol mower has served me well for over 15years. It’s been used, abused, tweaked and repaired…but now it’s almost beyond economic repair. Time to go cordless electric.
I’m a Dewalt 20V Max fanboy which gets me a whole heap of nothing mower-wise but does at least get me a whole open market of options.
Obviously, the pro-level Bosch products would be great but by the time you factor in batteries and a charger they are at sell-a-kidney levels. Al-ko have entered the market in Europe but I’ve yet to see their model in the metal.
So, if you were buying a buddy a new mower using his wallet, what would you be looking at?


Well here’s your Dewalt option…

Drill Powered Lawn Mower


Ha! One of my mods to current mower was removal of pull-start in favour of starting using my Dewalt 985!


I’m personally snaging one of these http://m.lowes.com/pd/BLACK--DECKER-20-Volt-Max-Lithium-Ion-Li-ion-12-in-Deck-Width-Cordless-Electric-Push-Lawn-Mower/50257021
But I have a VERY small lawn and a bunch of Porter Cable batteries that can be fitted.


EGO is what I would get.


Thanks guys. Will take a closer look at a couple of models and compare UK / US pricing.


Personally i would look at ryobi’s 2x18v mower(which i am lol). They have cheap batteries, cheap chargers, cheap support tools. You can get a string trimmer/edger, a chain saw, a pole saw, a leaf blower, a hedger, not to mention all their other tools that are great.
Ya not “pro level” but you also dont have to sell two of your kidneys. Besides a pro tool is 2-4x the price, is it 2-4x better?


If I were starting out fresh on a tool platform, and could put aside my ‘snob’ factor, I’d be looking hard at Ryobi for the reasons you listed.
But I’m invested in Dewalt, including the string trimmer, garden blower and workshop blower, so Ryobi’s diversity is not a draw.
Realistically, for the mower I only need one battery (not a huge lawn) and a strong leaf collection mode as I am surrounded by large trees.
EGO is coming out on top at the moment, probably the smaller poly-deck model.


But in reality you are starting out fresh on a new tool platform… Just saying.


I just recently heard about Echo, and their 58v cordless lineup is rated and reviewed really well.



So many options…and also the talk of a revolutionary Dewalt 60V/120V range coming to market.
I’d prefer to “Buy well, buy once” but maybe I should “Buy OK, evaluate options in 12-18 months”???
In the meantime, grass is long again. Time to coax the old boy into action one more time.



Here your Falcon Option.

Falcon Lawn Mower


I second the eGo. I’ve had mine for two seasons and couldn’t be happier. The key question though is how large of an area do you have to mow? If you can mow it within the run time- you’ll be thrilled. If you have to stop to charge the battery- you’ll be miserable.


Well digging up my own old thread, it looks like the new 2x20V Dewalt is at the top of my new shopping list!
Even if I have to wait until Spring 2018 to pick one up.


You got a link to the 2 - 20V, I have been searching - why don’t they use the 60 volt flex battery, then the 20 volt crowd can still use the larger battery, I just picked up the 20 volt trimmer and love it, took a bit to get used to the counter clockwise trim to the yard however


found it


I have the echo 58 volt system - string trimmer and attachments, hedge trimmer and I’m probably close to buying the chain saw.

Really love the echo trimmer - which is strong enough to turn all the trimmer accessories.

so if I had to pick one - I am really leaning towards the Echo 21 inch mower. Biggest issue with the EGO line - is their trimmer. Not that it doesn’t work well - it does as a trimmer - ONLY. since they put the motor on the trimmer head - the head is heavier and you can’t run attachments



depending on packaging - that with say 2 flexvolt batteries and the big charger - for at or near 400, maybe 450 would be a strong sell. Maybe. Golly though - wonder where it’s made?


to be fair though - I have dewalt power tools - love them - I have batteries - none of the 5ah jobs but I have some others.

I still like my echo 58 volt setup and I like keeping those separate to a certain degree. I mean I’d prefer the dewalt stuff went to flexvolt for commonality - cheaper etc and I would consider buying their OPE because of it. But there are so many things I think the echo does better - mostly with respect to the trimmer. that I like that product more. I notice however that stihl and echo and husqvarna all have a 36V setup but again they all put the motor on their trimmers down at the head. Which makes sense - don’t get me wrong - but for the homeowner it means you can’t use any of those attachment series. So you have to then buy an edger separate and you then need a separate _________. as opposed to use the attachments. And I see alot of pro’s using attachment ready devices.