Impact driver questions

Just wondering: is there a difference in the mechanism of impact drivers vs. Impact wrenches? Also, would a company ever make a 12v hydraulic impact driver. Thinking there’s not enough perceived demand but I feel it’s the perfect form factor for a quiet impact. I have an m18 surge and love it. I mostly use m12 daily though.

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Impact wrenches and drivers have a similar anvil design and in the case of DeWalt’s DCF886 a simple(5 mins) part swap can turn it into a DCF890 3/8 impact wrench so yes they are the same in principle. Who knows if a 12v hydro driver is in the works, I’d bet Makita would be the one to do it first though. My brother-n-law has the Ridgid Stealth Force and I can say it’s defiantly a welcome addition to the job site but man is it big and heavy compaired to my DeWalt 887.

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I’m new to impacts but eventually gave way and bought the Bosch GDX-18VEC that is a combined 1/2 square drive and 1/4 inch hex. In the USA I think the model number is slightly different and you can get these at a good price if you shop around. This is a brushless model introduced a couple of years ago that I chose very deliberately for it’s handling with a compact battery, lovely slim grim and electronic 3 speed / power settings. I think it’s small for an impact wrench but a little long compared to the impact screwdrivers.
I’m very happy with it. It’s just as comfortable as I hoped but has managed to pull some big rusted expanion bolts out of masonry for me even using only a 2Ah battery pack. I like the feel of the brushless motor.

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I don’t believe you’ll see a 12v impactor - or even hydraulic impactor because of the ammount of energy lose and the reaction force though the tool.

in other words - a good bit of rotational energy is lost to the impact mechanism - they need power. Meanwhile though when impactor is swinging there’s a significant reaction in the handle.

18V systems with their bigger batteries help to counter this - making them easier to use. Buy the time you do all that to develop a 12V impact driver - you’d get just as much torque out of a quality motor for less.

which is why you do see 12v drivers and drills.

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I’m not sure what you mean - are you just thinking about Dewalt? .

I’ve seen both Milwaukee M12 impact drivers and M12 Impact wrenches for sale.
The same is true for Makita’s 12V lineup - and I think other brands like Bosch and Hitachi - have 12V impact drivers too.

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I didn’t process that fred, thx. When I read his response I was only thinking about hydraulic impacts. But yes there are both m12fuel and regular m12 impact wrenches and drivers, even a right angle impact. most all the other brands, including dewalt and ridgid, definitely Bosch, have 12v impacts as well.

you’re quite right I do forget about those.

I never look toward a 12v impact drivers - only the drills. Someone and I think it’s bosch makes a 12v tool that is just a screw drivers - it’s not listed as an impact driver. and I often consider getting one.

Our installers used the M12 ones:

What about the new, quieter oil pulse drivers ?

What about them? 4 models available from Makita and TTI’s brands.

I have a Milwaukee M12 impact driver. It is powerful enough to twist the head off a 1/2" lag bolt.