Is an M18 trim router in the works?

So with Ridgid’s release of their 18V cordless brushless trim router R86044B, and Ryobi’s brand new P601 trim router redesign from the P600, are we going to be seeing an M18 version any time soon? I’ve been Googling on a somewhat regular basis, but no results so far.

I talked to the local TTI rep at HD a few weeks ago, and he said he hadn’t heard anything about one, but wouldn’t rule it out based on the direction that Ryobi and Ridgid were going. I guess the same reasoning goes for an M18 cordless belt sander and a Ridgid transfer pump too.

I wouldn’t be surprised, after the seeing how the oil impacts played out. But I’d also not be surprised if Milwaukee went for a full size router, 9ah battery cut the cord theme, and be fist to market yada yada.

I still think it will be pretty tough to design anything more than 1 to 1.5HP if they can even do that.
As we probably know the HP rating game played by most manufacturers stretches our credulity.
My big routers like the PC 7539 is said t deliver 3-1/4 HP - but incredibly - defying all principles of electrical engineering it only draws 15 amps - not the 21+ amps one would expect out of a 3.25 HP (120V - 2424 Watt) motor even if it were 100% efficient and operated at unity power factor.
I recall the Porter Cable 9290 cordless router - operating on a 19.2V NiCad that they claimed “developed 1.5 HP” - but only was 600W. A l think an efficient 1.5 HP AC motor would draw at least 11A - or be rated at 1320 Watts. We used to put in A O Smith 1.5 HP Jacuzzi motors - where the nameplate was just over 9 Amps at 230V. I think the bottom line is that they might be able to make a router in the 1HP to 1.5 HP class to run for short periods on a 9.0Ah LiIon battery - but if they start claiming a 2 to 3.5 HP cordless router is in the offing then I’d be mighty skeptical.