Is there a better time of year to purchase a ladder?

Hello All,

I am looking to by a Werner class IAA ladder, and they can be a bit pricey. Is there a better time of year when ladders go on sale, or should I just bite the bullet and get it? I can wait until just before next Spring if that gets me a better deal. Tried Zorro recent sale, but evidently Werner was excluded.



Having only mildly looked at ladder deals it seems fair to say that only “little giant” style and up to 6ft step ladders are the only types that ever go on good sales. I’m sure there are deals to be had but it’s hard to say when or where.

Interesting to ponder. A few months ago Home Desperate had Werner six foot 1AA ladders ever day for $79. These had the yellow plastic tops with slots and holes for holding tools. Great ladders. We use them at work. Then, out of the blue they were replaced by the same ladder with a black top with slightly different holders. And a 20 dollar increase in price.

I think it may just come down to which company works out a really good purchase deal that year. There’s not much else I know of or have been told regarding getting seasonal deals on ladders.

It seems to me that I’ve seen ladders on Black Friday sales at either Home Depot or Lowes or both. I don’t remember which brands or types, though.

Random deals can be found. I purchased a 16’ Werner 250 lb rated extension ladder for $50 at Home Depot a month ago. Lowe’s has a few decent deals right now as well.