Is there a reason the comments on aren't here?

Seems to me there’d be a lot more traffic if there were, and it would make it far easier to track replies and conversations.

I would imagine it would increase traffic. But, it would also very rapidly increase the number of arguments. Having the limit on the number of responses to the articles mitigates how long two people can have an argument. If it were here on this forum format, those arguments could be never-ending, and ultimately result in a great deal of harassment. Plus, it would increase the amount of work that Stuart and Benjamen have to do in order to moderate the forum. This would decrease their potential for writing articles for ToolGuyd, and that would hurt more than it helps. Since ToolGuyd has some sponsors, and ads, if the Articles decrease, then the Ad revenue does too, which risks ToolGuyd having a future.

It is probably best if they remain separate.

I think of Toolguyd as a blog, and this as a discussion board, where anyone can start a topic, which you can’t do on the blog. It would be really confusing if the two were joined somehow.

Replace the word “Confusing” with “Frustrating” and I don’t think I could possibly say it any better, @ktash.

Thank You.