Japenese Industrial Standard Tools

I’m a technician that services Japenese printers from the likes of Roland DG and Epson. The printers have a lot of phillips #0, #1, #2 screws. I’m looking for some good screwdrivers that are made to JIS specs. I jave a vessel screwdriver for #2 screws but I’m looking for some good long precision screwdrivers. Any ideas?

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A few thoughts:

Vessel sells JIS bits #8999 in #00, #0 and #1 - all 1/4 hex drive - that could be teamed up with your favorite bit holder handle (maybe something from Wiha or Wera might do) or if you need something really lon there is this:

I have a set of Hozan JIS screwdrivers:D130-75, #00 ; D140-75, , #0 ; D155-100, #0 ; D150-100, #1 and D155-300, #2) they were bought many years ago - but if you search on Hozan JIS Screwdriver (on Amazon etc.) you will probably fing a modern equivalent.


Moody also sells a Jeweler’s style set:


Finally if you want to automate the work Hios sells JIS bits that can be chucked in one of their electric screwdrivers

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Sorry for my bad typing and dead-end Hozan link - here is a better one


Just an FYI the -75 in the part number means 75mm (about 3 inch) long blade, the -100 (100 mm) has a blade length of about 4 inches

Many other manufacturers - like Knipex - incorporate a similar scheme into their part numbers giving the buyer a heads up about the length of screwdriver, pair of pliers etc.

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I would like to buy some Japanese made tool accessories but the Japanese hex shank is a bit problem,
If you check the photo properly in this link you will see some of these Star-M drill bits have Western hex shank and some Japanese hex shank, that does not make sense to me. I think Japanese should give up from their Hex shank design first and then try to sell some E6.3 tool accessories to me.