Katools Grinder Chainsaw Disc

I have never used these discs, anyone who has used this or similar one can explain please how good they are and for what exactly? Thanks

These look a lot like ones that I have used called “Lancelot” - from King Arthur:

You use them (carefully I might add - as they can grab and buck) mounted on a small angle grinder for roughing work in power carving - outdoor sculptures etc. They are a bit less fearsome in this regard than power carving with a chainsaw.

Is that OK to cut trees (small trees) with them? At least partially? I like to be able to use every tool for more different purposes in case…

I never used one for that purpose. The depth of cut would seem to be really limited - so maybe it could be use to cut small thin branches - not trees.

I meant small trees with 2"-3" diameter. Something like branches. I would need to do that once in three years maybe. Thanks for the information.