KNIPEX Cobra pliers, 5"

I got these on a whim when Amazon had a deep discount. (Actually they’re still on sale for 20% off.)

I have to say, it’s kind of crazy how nicely made it is. From the finish, I’d guess it’s sand cast and then machined, but some cross-sections are around 1/16" thick, which must be some kind of record for sand-casting? It feels absurdly stiff, strong and light.

It opens to 1 1/2", which is ridiculous for a 5" pliers, but hey, it’s got heart.

The 6" version is slightly cheaper, but might not feel so crazy light.

Haven’t used it, maybe never will, still satisfied.

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Cobras are awesome in any size! I don’t have the 5" but I have the 7 1/4 and I use very frequently. I don’t believe they are cast, I am quite sure they are forged.

Forged! I thought there were sand cast because they have that rough texture like sand. Is there a way to tell?

The rough surface of a forging does resemble a casting but I’d say that the surface of a forging tends to be a bit smoother–as though a sand casting were done with extremely fine sand, if that makes any sense?.
I doubt anyone, especially not a high-end maker like Knipex, would try to cast pliers as that would make them a lot weaker than a forging.
Knipex’s website says the are “Chrome vanadium electric steel; forged, multi-stage oil hardened”

Cool, thank you! I’d forgotten that forged steel is stronger.

I’ve got both the smallest sizes of pliers wrench and cobras. What a sweet pair! I’ve got a few of the other sizes too and a large Gedore. All rock, but the Gedore pliers seem stiffer and a bit harder to move. Should probably lube them. I also have some NWS that I like 2nd best to the Knipex. Lighter and better grips, but not quite the bite of the Knipex. My super-scientific comparison. LOL.