Ladder pad, Help please

I have seen a ladder pad used by a guy which was round shape and was made of a material similar to spongy asphalt that is used in playgrounds, it was quite heavy also. I googled it for days and could not find anything, my brain is already boiling, can anyone help me with this? Thanks

Not round - but have you looked at this UK company’s products:

Or this oval one:

or this

Thanks, I did not know that website, I see they have ladders similar to DeWALT ladders that were released in US

The pad they have is not similar to what I saw, the one I saw was with approximately 70-80cm diameter and had some lower points to accept the ladder legs, I have made a photo of it, if I find I will send it to you.
They look quite similar

The material looked like the second one you found on UK amazon but absolutely round, big and heavy.

Once the Gorilla ladder patents ran out - lots of folks started making similar ones (like the Dewalt that you picture.) As far as ladder pads - I have never personally used one - nor do I remember us having any in our businesses. The one newish ladder stabilizer that we did buy into were what’s called a “ladder dok” - useful for US residential properties where you often lean a ladder against a rain gutter.

I did not know anything bout Gorilla ladders patents, thanks, good to know that, I have read very little about patents and I am not very familiar with this term, any idea how long Gorilla had the patent?

For the real answer you might need to talk to a Patent attorney. I’m not sure what the US Patent Law was when Gorilla got their patent, but currently I believe the law lets the Patent run for 20 years from the date of the patent application/filing (not the date of the patent issuance). That is subject to the patent holder continuing to pay maintenance fees. It may also be complicated if earlier applications for patents were filed internationally.

Here is the photo that I took from that pad. Pad%20Ladder
It is very well designed I would say.