Lads, Have You Seen The New Knipex Needle Nose Combi Pliers?

Gents, I just saw this posted up from Chadstoolbox. Knipex is at it again. They are now offering a needle nose version of their combination pliers. If you have ever used the Knipex combination pliers then you know that at times they have an advantage over our American New England style linesman pliers. Preference really but I always find the Knipex to have a better cutting edge. Anyroad, I thought they looked pretty cool and would not mind trying them. I thought the electricians installation pliers they came out with a few years ago were unwieldy. These are very compact and actually look useful. Chad has the polished version 08 22 145, I am linking the photo of the 08 25 145 model from Knipex’s site since prefer the chromed finish on their pliers.

08 25 145

Chads has sent me several emails over the last several weeks about new Knipex pliers.
These also included:
a new XL hand bolt cutter :71 01 250
a new tile breaking pliers: 91 13 250