Lansky Sharpener Clamp to Panavise Base?

I’d like to find someone who can make a simple aluminum rod turned to fit a Panavise base and with a nub to take a Lansky “Multi-Angle Knife Clamp”. I don’t have a lathe but for someone equipped it should be pretty simple…

What’s a good way to find someone who can knock that out?

I might be able to help you on this, do you have some pictures or a drawing to share?

Well, of course I’ve mislaid my calipers, so this is done with a ruler at this time…I’ll keep looking & verify.

But this is really simple, and the overall length is unimportant.

Thanks for consideration! Wayne

Realized where I had put my calipers, and one small change; the base diameter for the Panavise is 16mm, not 0.625". Oops & thanks.

Took a stab at it tonight, how’s this look?


I caught the 16mm dimension when I tested it on my Panavise.

Very nice! That’s what I was looking for!

Let me know how I can get a copy please? And how I can get some cash in your hands? Paypal’s good for this stuff, at least.

wayne.ruffner at gmail dot com

And BTW, I’ve got the heavy cast base for my Panavise, which is excellent and should compliment the Lansky kit nicely. Just in case anyone was thinking about the same…

This thing fits nicely and will be used frequently thanks!

If I’d have thought a little further at first, I would’ve limited the overall length to 4.75" so it’d fit directly into an empty hone slot in the kit case. If you make any more for others, consider that.

Thanks again!

Nice! Glad it worked for you!