Leatherman Carbide Glass Breaker Bit

I have been waiting 2+ years for Leatherman to sell the Carbide Glass Breaker bit as an accessory and that day is finally here. I’m sure that today isn’t the day it was launched, but I recall checking as recently as November 2019 and not seeing it for sale. Anyway, anyone looking to replace their lost bit without having to purchase another Skeletool RX - you now can.


nice you can even use that on any other bit holder device. So I can get one for my wave too.

On the skeltool I’ll replace the stock slotted one with that.

great find. Follow on question - how well does it work?

Thankfully I personally haven’t had to use this since I purchased it; but I did use the glass breaker but on the Leatherman Raptor shears with great success.