Leatherman.com Experience

What has your experience with with Leatherman.com been? Last week I ordered a Signal and Mut on Leatherman.com. This was only the second time (Free P2 in 2022) I had placed an order on their site all of other 30+ Leatherman products (Klamath’s, Selway’s, Wave’s, Wave+, Raptor, e33bx, e55bx, e303, bit extenders, ratcheting driver, Piranha’s, bit kit’s, ) I own were purchased through a local retailer or on eBay.

I have been in the market for a Signal for my nephew who joined the Boy Scouts and has an upcoming camping trip with his troop. While I was shopping, I decided I wanted a MUT for myself and the usual retailers didn’t have both in stock. I felt confident shopping direct, as my previous experience went as expected, and so on Monday morning March 13th, I placed an order with expedited shipping as I was seeing him this past weekend. I immediately received an email confirming the order and was charged for the full amount. By Thursday the 16th, I had not received a shipping confirmation or tracking number and so in the afternoon I contacted customer service was assured by the customer service representative that the order was going to ship that evening and I would receive an email confirmation.

Fast forward to Saturday, March 18th, UPS arrived, mind you I still had not received an email from the Leatherman group with the tracking information (checked spam and the usual lost email procedures). with a package which seemed to be too small for both products. Lo and behold, only the Signal was delivered. To add to the experience, the email with the tracking information was received about 20 minutes after delivery. Anyway, I contacted Leatherman on Monday March 20th, explaining the situation, to which the representative responded that I needed to photograph the original packaging and packing slip and email it to them. I explained I didn’t have the packaging as after opening the package I immediately tossed it and didn’t think it would need to be retained (in my complex trash pickup is Monday morning, rendering retrieving it not feasible) to prove what was shipped to me.

I complied as requested and within minutes of sending the photograph this morning was told that the replacement was being shipped, today, via UPS expedited delivery.

So it seems they made things right, however with the drawn out timeline, I am not impressed with the performance. Maybe part of that is still the sting of an interaction on a warranty for one of my Klamath’s which they couldn’t fix as they didn’t have the 4mm pivot bolt and screw available (another story for another time) or maybe its that I was expecting more based on other positive warranty experiences I’ve heard about, or maybe it’s the Amazon effect where 99% of the time everything is as expected and the time’s it hasn’t been have been so infrequent and mostly hassle free.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Update March 21: no shipping notice or tracking number has been received. Not confident Leatherman actually shipped my item.

Update 2:
I received an email from UPS for a scheduled delivery today; still nothing from Leatherman.

One final update on this for those who have been following. So the MUT was delivered on March 21st. I never received a notice from Leatherman. Get this though, a week later they shipped a second MUT which arrived yesterday. Leatherman had no explanation for the second shipment when I reached out. So now I’m awaiting a prepaid label to return it

I have never dealt with Leatherman directly but the situation reeks of terrible customer service, especially since they had the audacity to charge extra for “expedited shipping” and to bill your card without having shipped the merchandise yet.

This reminds me of the first and only time I ordered from Wal-Mart’s website. I order some padlocks which showed as in stock. 12 days go by and I have heard nothing other than my original order confirmation Email. No shipment confirmation, no tracking. I wasn’t in a rush but that was getting ridiculous, so I call and cancel the order. They told me the order had never shipped so I was never charged, and they’d cancel the order. I confirmed with my online banking there was no charge. About two hours later UPS arrives with the locks, they had actually been sent 5 days before but apparently Wal-Mart was unaware of this. I contacted Wal-Mart and ask what I need to do, they told me it was their mistake, I can keep them, no need to return. Then two days later the UPS man shows up again: with two more duplicates of the same shipment.

One of my closest friends regularly orders from Walmart and he is constantly ending up with duplicates and triplicates of items. A couple of times on smaller items he’s had entire cases of something shipped to him when he ordered a quantity of one. I have limited experience with ordering from Walmart simply because they don’t sell many of the things I like, but you certainly have an opportunity with Walmart to get more than you paid for and potentially offset the cost of your purchase based on what I’ve seen