Led headlamp sales

I’ve been looking for a new headlamp for quite some time. both lowes and home depot seem to have the Coast FL75 - aaa battery. focus beam with red light add on. 435 lumen etc.

anyway HD has it for 19.99 right now, and Lowes has them for 24.

Now Lowes has this rechargeable craftsman that is also 24, it’s a touch brigher - looks to have focusable beam - has red lights too. but it’s USB rechargeable, installed Iipo battery. so battery won’t be easy to replace it if dies. it might even be made by coast - hard to say. USB charge cable looks to be hardwired and it stays - since it is tied to the headband.

Leads me to the Coast but I thought I’d put this out incase others were looking. I’ll probably buy 4 or so for friends.

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That looks like a good buy.

But for repair work, I like a beam that can tilt downward. Also, it turns out red light is not longer considered the best for preserving night vision. http://www.astromax.org/activities/members/kniffen.htm

I’ve been happy with the Coast HL40. With the battery at the back and a second strap crossing over the top of the head, it doesn’t bounce or slide off. On my example, the power button (a little piece of plastic that extends through the case and touches the actual switch inside) is a little loose, so it makes a tiny rattling noise.

But it was $15, I think, on sale at HD.

Have both warrantied the craftsman already. Its bright, sustains brightness but not as reliable. As for Coast, I’ve had 4 headlamps, one of the fl75s. Yeah not as bright, but no charge time. Just switch batteries. Its more rugged by far than the Craftsman. I prefer coast. Craftsman has a one year warranty. I got into a fight with them about fulfillment although they admitted i was covered based on purchase date. Coast had a 5 year or better warranty but required me to send my old unit in. However, no fights, etc. Hope that helpss. I love the craftsman brightness, but run time on high isn’t good. In fairness, its a small battery so it may be fine for what it is.


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Meant to reply to this a while ago. SO 1 month or so in the the coast works great. By the way it does tilt downward (or upward if you filp it over) so you can light the area infront of you.

So far it has gotten motor oil on it - and is fine. and my daughter did manage to sling it out and into the driveway. also still fine.

LIght is clean and bright enough - and the focus feature is nice for this size/price. I don’t know it’s work the normal list price but next time I see them on sale at 19.99 or such I will buy another 2 or such.

OH and sale price model is in HD orange. My local store still has a few but they are not 25 dollars.

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The Craftsman CMXLHB5 (UPC 814632013280) is made by Baccus Global - a SBD company

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You once wrote how to find out who the manufacturer is with UPC code I just can’t find can toy pls repost.

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