Lenox Tool Backpack - Nice for $50

Gents, I was over at the neighboring Lowe’s today and noticed at Lenox tool backpack. It reminds me a good bit of the Klein model you see at Home Desperate all the time. A bloke at work has one and really likes it. It has held up and he is not easy on things. I don’t think this Lenox is quite as well made but the overall look is very close. Including the zipper that opens up all the way over to the back of the pack to allow full access to the insides. Many lament this in the Klein reviews but I wonder if they have actually used them? The one thing I think Klein completely outclasses Veto on(I own a Tech MCT so no anti Veto here) is the amount and layout o the pockets in the backpacks. Very much designed for electricians and other techs who actually use long shaft drivers and similar. Veto needs to look the competition on this front.

This Lenox goes one better and had eight pockets on the inside wall, closest to your back, that are sized just to hold screwdrivers and other long tools. You could put a three inch one or an eight inch model in there and they will stay put. This, for the life of me and a lot of grumping, is something Veto DOES NOT GET. There are times when you want your drivers segregated into their own pockets. Anyroad, the Lenox has such pockets on the one wall. But wait, there’s more. On the other side of the pack are six pockets large enough and deep enough to hold long shaft nutdrivers. Finally, a backpack that takes advantage of its inherent height advantage when it comes to storing long shaft tools. Now other than this I cannot say much about the pack. It does not necessarily look or feel really rugged so who knows how it would hold up? Maybe worth a look thought at 50 dollars.