Lindstrom Cutters

Who understands the Lindstrom tools numbering system? I got pair of the 5150 cutters, they’re nice. I want a complete set (yellow handles).

Lindstrom makes a VERY extensive series of cutters with varying combinations of handle size, head size, head style (oval, tapered, relieved) bevel vs. flush cut, and type of handle (ESD dissipative or conductive). You probably wouldn’t want the full set as there is an awful lot of overlap between many models and I think there’s close to seventy or more different ones. I think it’s probably easiest to see the different models on their paper catalog:
I do some electronics work now but I did a lot more in the past and in my opinion these are the best precision cutters out there. Fantastic ergonomics, very good steel, no slop in the joints, they’re just a pleasure to use. I have two of these and I’ve never felt lacking with just those two: A no. 8247 Oblique flush-cut, and an 8150 medium oval-head bevel cut. I use the former for very delicate wires and for stripping or if I happen to need a flush cut, while the 8150’s are just super durable general purpose cutters.

Thanks for the advice and the link. I’ll try 8247 and 8150 next…

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them, it’s just a matter of picking what style(s) suit the work you are doing.
Oh, and I know you had asked about their yellow-handle series specifically but I can’t help but mention their “Multipurpose Shear” HS6000 and HS6001 even though those have a different handle. I use those a lot too, they’re great for cutting back cable insulation, trimming the shield on coaxial cable terminations, snipping the fiber material sometimes used in multi-conductor wires, shielding foil, zip ties, heat shrink tubing, and so on. The 6000 is serrated, the -01 is not. I prefer the serrated one, they do great even with hard to cut materials like kevlar and composite fiber.

i’m adding the shears to my list…thanks.